Guanajuato is a beautiful mining town, the Jewel of America, which owes its fame and fortune to the discovery of rich veins of gold and silver. In pre-Hispanic times the region was inhabited by nomadic tribes called Chichimecas. In 1541 he gave the first Spanish incursions in this territory and was officially founded in 1570. In 1741, Guanajuato received the title of City by King Philip V of Spain. During the regime of President Benito Juarez, Guanajuato was temporarily the capital of the Republic. In 1903 General Porfirio Diaz, then president of Mexico, opened the Juarez Theater, the Legislative Palace, the Peace Monument, the Monument to Hidalgo and the Barrage of Hope. In 1945, the State College became the University of Guanajuato. In 1953 he began to represent the Cervantinos Starters in 1972 that led to the creation of the highest artistic and cultural event in Latin America, the International Cervantino Festival.Guanajuato City Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Guanajuato, historically and culturally, is one of the most important cities, which together with the atmosphere emanating from its old buildings, enveloping visitors. Their unrivaled walking serenade din filled the squares and streets. Your communication based underground streets and tunnels make the capital of the state a unique attraction in the world.

For its historical monuments and Adjacent Mines, Guanajuato was declared by UNESCO in December 1988, City Cultural Heritage of Humanity.